Tuesday, June 13, 2006

phantom portraiture

Came across some of my great-grandfather's old black-and-white photos today. The man's a bit of a mystery to me. Died before I was born.

Anyway, found maybe six photographs with a child's writing on the back. I'm not sure how old he was when he wrote on them. Now, I know this sounds boring, but wait for the end. It gets good. (Well, it gets better, anyway.)

So here they are, with my great-grandpa's captions. (Actually, I think they called him "Pop.")

My father's parents
Ferdinand Ziebell and
Fredericka Priebe Ziebell

My mother's father and mother
Albert Ziebell* and Elvira [Elvina?]

*I don't think this is correct, actually; both branches of that tree shouldn't have the same surname. God, I hope they didn't.

My uncle Robert Ziebell
Who lived to be 94
He made and played the harp and
could play the zither and guitar

Here's the good one:

My mother Anna and my
oldest sister Ada

The kid with the dog is Pop, far as I can tell.

Ok, here's the good stuff. Take another look at that photograph. See anything you missed the first time?

Look in the window

Do you see that?

My mom thinks it looks like a middle-aged woman. I think it looks like a young girl. Either way, she looks damned creepy. We agree, there.

And no, I didn't photoshop her in. Promise.


Herodotus said...

that's really creepy willie. but thingas like this happen you know. it is either a ghost, which it could be, or a double exposure,which it could be. really weird.

Bryan said...

weird. it took me a second to see it. creepy.