Friday, April 25, 2008

Found: The Flood of '74

We went to Lithia Park and it was flooded. We went all around the park two times. Then we were getting tired and went home. On the way home we were stuck because we were surrounded with water. We had to take our shoes off and walk in the water. It started to rain. Some men told us to go back, so we did. When we got to a phone we called Mrs. Nealson and she brought us home.
Sarah Humphrey

We went to Lithia Park and saw the bandshell. After that my family and I went to see my Uncle Don's and Aunt Betty's. My brother and sister and me, babysat my two cousins. We stayed all night and watched a scary, scary movie. Then about three or four days after that my family and I went to my Uncle Don's & Aunt Betty's again. We went to Lithia Park again and the water was five feet. Then we went back home.
The End
Sunny Troutman

It made holes in the ground.
It brought some wood.
It said it on the TV.
It was very bad.
It said it on the radio for lots of days. Pop and I went to the park.
We saw some wood and we saw some holes in the ground, too.
Marlene Nelson

We went to the park and had to get in by the Shakespearean Theater. It was flooded everywhere. When we got home our mom said we would have to use water like when we go camping. We filled up the washing machine, the dryer, three trash cans, 12 huge bottles and 3 pitchers. We still had enough water to last 3 weeks. I hated the floods of 74!
Rebecca Fisher

One day we went to the park and it was ruined. The streets had holes in them. The roses were gone. Two of the bridges were gone. There's a creek running through the band shell. Lots of trees fell down and there's lots of mud. The play ground is ruined. Everything is ruined.
Kristen Seely

The flood of 74 was very bad. In some places in Ashland you could call it a disaster area. We went to the park and when we got there we walked up to the park and took a lot of pictures. We saw bridges and benches in the water.
The End
Jimmy Douglas Prettyman

One day it started raining. It rained for a long time. On the radio it said to get all the water you could. So my mom said she would go out and get some water. It took a long time. When she was finished she said we could not flush the toilet or run water out of the faucet. My mom could not cook as much and we were getting hungry. We could not do as many things as when we had water. My mom said we had to heat water to take baths. It was cold when we got out. When my sister asked if rain water was pure I was surprised to see her ask that because I already knew that. My mom boiled it and said we had to cook with it. We filled up the trashcans that we kept for flour and sugar. We filled them up and then my Dad dug up a hole in the wood pile and water came up from there. After everything was filled up we had no problems. We went to see the park. It over flowed. We went back to the house.
The End
Jimmy Tegner

On Wednesday, January 16 we got out of school because of the flood. I went to my dad's until it was time to go back to school. We went to our Grandmother's house. Wednesday we went to school and school was let out again. That week we stayed home.
Tony Ketcham

"Look at the flood," I said to my father. And he said, "Big Deal." And I said, "Big Deal" back to him. A big tree was gone too. And another tree was gone too.
Jeff Bleasdel

Dear Dad,
There was a flood. The flood was so,so,so, bad. That we couldn't use water. The waterpipes broke. We had to use rainwater. The water was polluted and there was a shortage.
Marc Pucell

A few weeks ago there was a flood. The park was flooded. The plaza was flooded too. Everybody was mad. Me and my brother went to the park because my brother didn't see the park. I put my boat in the water and it got stuck.
Craig Dumont

At our house it did not get flooded because we live on a steep hill. Alot got flooded in Ashland. At the park it got flooded. When school was in order again my dad and mom got people to help the park back together. My mom fixed to food for the men who worked.
Amy Juckett

We got let out of school early. Then nothing much happened. We had water almost all the time. On the second day we ran out of water. We had to go to the store alot to get water.
Kathy Berry

The Briggs family went to Lithia Park on Saturday morning to help clean up the park. We went into the park where they used chainsaws. There was a big cedar tree over the river and my dad cut it up. After we worked we got a free lunch and went home.
Allegra Briggs

It was Jan. 16th my mother had filled the bathtub, bowls and other things with water. I kind of liked it because you did not have to go to school. Then on Saturday I went to help clean up the park.. To cross the creek we had to walk across a board.
Erik Ryberg

My dog was at the creek. It was like a river. Well, anyway, Claudia almost fell off a water fall. The water was going so fast it almost pulled her off.
Jennifer Peterson

In 74 it was really not a flood but we had a problem. There was no water for us. But the only good thing about that time was that we did not have to go to school. Down at the park it was flooded. It was fun not taking a bath.
Robert Carney

Well, we got out of school. We went home. My mom was asleep when the water went off. We got all the water in bottles. We had enough water. My dad brought a lot of water home. We went to Medford to take baths. We took our friends to Medford, too. Poor Lithia Park! It seems like it has been washed away. But we might pay for it.
Lisa Johnston

Wednesday, we got out of school early. When I got home my mom was listening to the radio. The next day our family went to look at the park. My Grandmother came and picked us up and took us to Medford to take a bath and wash our laundry.
Vonda Varis

We got out of school Wednesday. We had 5 days to play. We saw the park. It was flooded. I can't walk through it. We went home and had dinner. It was horrible. Then we went to bed.
Mike Sears

Wednesday it rained and rained. We got to get out of school at 1 o'clock. The next day I went to Lithia Park. It was flooded. On January 24th I went back to school.
Ricky Taylor


Allegra said...

Where did you find this?
- ex third-grader

Willie Ziebell said...


I found it in a scrapbook detailing the events of the flood of '74, with yellowed newspaper clippings and photographs, at my last job as an archivist.

I think it was a nice find. :) -wz